To heighten awareness on young minds on the arduous  and intricate process of water, the Philippine Water Works Association (PWWA) in close coordination with Dagupan City  Water District (DCWD) conducted the first water appreciation  seminar in Region 1 at the Abong ng Alumni, Dagupan City National High School last March 3, 2017.

                  Entitled Appreciation Seminar on Water Supply Development, the foru seeks to educate and inform students from different education institutions in Pangasinan on the detailed system of water extraction – from its resources, procedure of water treatment and the safe distribution of potable water to the customers. Resource speakers from both the government and the private sectors ably shared their expertise, knowledge and experiences to the crowd for a better grasp and understanding in water supply and sanitation development. As an added bonus, they also talked about what students can expect when they enter into the water industry.

                  “The District took the opportunity to cooperate with PWWA in making this appreciation seminar happen because it is an avenue to educate, inform and enlighten the participants that they, as students of today and professionals of tomorrow, can also contribute for the improvement of water supply and sanitation industry, ” said Raul T. Castano, DCWD Division Manager.


                  The seminar involved three sessions. The first session consisted of a group from the government sector who talked about how they work hand-in-hand to uphold their commitment to provide a more convenient and comfortable living environment for the general public.

                  The second session comprised of the private sector discussed the significant roles of contractors consultants and water utilities to supplement the services needed by government sectors to perform their duties and responsibilities both effectively and efficiently while the third session, a fusion of both sectors explored the sources of water and the treatment that each source needs to undergo to produce potable water.

                  Apart from the sessions on water supply, career development also became a highlight of the seminar. Speakers from both the government and the private sector encouraged students to consider the water industry as part of their path to success. Moreover, members of the Philippine Young Water Professionals (PYPWL) inspired them to participate in an activity summarizing the topics during the seminar.

                  With ample time, each school drafted, prepared and discussed a brief presentation of their output about the roles of government and private sectors in water supply and sanitation development. The students actively took the challenge and communicated the gist of the seminar based on their point of interests and views.

                  Towards the tail-end of seminar, an open forum and question and answer ensued. Students went up to the stand to ask more about the efforts of both the government and private sectors to improve water services and expand the companies coverages to supply clean, safe and affordable water in remote areas. The students also shared some insights and ideas they have gleaned from the seminar on what the government and the private sectors can do.

                  Around 210 graduating engineering students – Civil, Chemical, Sanitary and Environmental Engineering and Bachelor of Science in Chemistry – and professors teaching water supply subjects from Pangasinan State University, Lyceum Northwestern University, University of Pangasinan Phinma, University of Luzon, and Colegio de Dagupan participated during the event.

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