Message from the President

Amidst today’s global information revolution, it is imperative for any organization to have a reliable and sustainable regular means or channel of   communication to operate effectively to its optimum potentials.  It is for this reason that in addition to reviving our regular quarterly magazine publication,   the Water and Environment Journal, the PWWA through this current stewardship, has also taken steps to resuscitate and re-invigorate our official PWWA   website.

As the national umbrella organization of all government and private entities as well as individuals concerned with water supply and sanitation   development in the country, the PWWA performs a role that is essential to the stimulation and promotion of continuous growth of the water industry not   only here but internationally as well.

 We have been contributing towards this end mainly through our continuing professional development programs and activities such as organization and   conduct of major local international conferences and seminar/workshops designed to introduce the latest in water and sanitation technologies, improve,   update and upgrade knowledge, expertise, practices and skills and advance worthwhile advocacies.  In all these, proper information and effective   communication are very vital in also marshalling the support of concerned authorities and the public in general to realize certain noteworthy agenda in our sector.  Hence, I would also like to call on and encourage our members, associates, friends and supporters to actively take part in sustaining our information and communication thrusts and advocacy through this website and our regular publications.

Atty. Vicente M. Joyas 
PWWA President                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Former Chairman and National President of Integrated Bar of the Philippines




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