History & Objectives


Since 1978, PWWA has been the umbrella organization of government and private agencies and individual in water supply development. The PWWA has always sought to help achieve the objective of providing Filipinos with  safe, adequate and affordable drinking water. It has always endeavored to encourage the free exchange of ideas and information in the water sector.



1.) To advance and disseminate knowledge and the improvement of practice in the design construction, operation and management of waterworks and all matters relating to improving water service.

2.) To secure a maximum exchange of information or research, methods of supply and treatment of water, statistics, and all matters of common interest.

3.) To encourage and foster close relations and better understanding among those engaged in the waterworks industry.

4.) To promote better understanding of the waterworks industry by other organizations and the public at large.

5.) To promote national meetings and seminars and to participate in international conferences on waterworks.

6.) To seek affiliations with international organizations having similar objectives.

1.) The membership of the Association shall be categorized into the following members:
      A.) Individual
      B.) Institutional
      C.) Fellow
      D.) Honorary

2.) Institutional Members shall be any national, metropolitan or regional organizations, be they government-owned or government assisted corporation, government institutions or agencies belonging to the water supply and sanitation sector; and scientific, techinical or consulting organizations involved in water supply industry, colleges and universities offering courses on water supply engineering and related disciplines; establishes engaged in the manufacture or supply of goods for the water industry and contractors involved in the construction or supply of services in the water supply industry. Each institutional members shall be entitled to appoint a maximum of ten (10) representatives and minimum of five (5) representatives to the Association who shall have the same rights and privileges as individual members. The Board of Directors shall, from time to time, establish criteria for the various types of Institutional Members.

3.) Individual Members shall be any person, whether with the government or private sector whose profession, business or personal untertaking/engagement deal with the waterworks industry and student or student organization, who are interested to become a member and conforms with all the requirements for membership in these Constitution and By-Laws.

4.) Honorary Members shall be any indivudal who is not eligible for membership to the Association, who has helped significantly in the promotion and advancement of the water supply and sanitation industry, and who has actively participated and/or supported the programs and objectives of Association. Honorary Members who are admitted to the Association shall be listed in the Roll of Members of the Association and will get the subscription to the PWWA Journal. The Honorary Member, however, will not have the rights and privileges of a regular member except as provided in this section.

5.) Fellows. There shall be not direct admission to the grade of fellow. To be eligible for elevation to the grade of fellow, an inidividual shall be a regular member of the Association in good standing for not less than ten (10) years unless waived by the Board of Directors, and who has notably contributed to the promotion and  advancement of the Association and the water supply and sanitation industry through   technology   transfer   and dissemination; representation made in consultant and contractor; representations made in bahalf of the Association.

Nominations to the grade of fellow shall be submitted to the Board of Directors for approval. At least 3/4 vote of the members of the Board of Directors shall be required to elevate a member to the grade fellow.

In addition to the privileges of a member, a fellow shall be exempted from the payment of membership dues for life; shall be invited as guest to all PWWA function and affairs; shall be given free subscription to the PWWA Journal for life and shall have the privilege of using the title "FELLOW,  PHILIPPINES   WATER  WORKS   ASSOCIATION or "F,   PWWA" in connection with his professional practice.


1. The Association shall be governed by a Board of Directors.
2. The board shall consist of seventeen Directors who shall hold office for one year or until their successors are chosen and who shall be elected from among the members.
3. One Director shall be seated representing each of the following sectors:
    a.) Metropolitan Waterworks & Sewerage System
    b.) Local Water Utilities Administration
    c.) Department of Public Works & Highways
    e.) PAWD Chairman of the Board
    f.) PAWD President
    g.) Representative designated by PAWD Board of Governors
    h.) Consultants
    i.) Waterworks Contractors
    j.) Manufacturers/ Suppliers
    k.) Well Drillers
    l.) At-Large
    m.) At-Large
    n.) At-Large
    o.) At-Large
    p.) At-Large
    Five (5) other Directors shall be elected at large. The Immediate Past President shall hold the seventeenth seat.
    Nomination for directors shall received for each sector and voted upon by the General Assembly.
4. Immediately after their election, the Directors shall elect from among themselves a President, a Vice President for National Affaird, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and Auditor and a Public Relations Officer.
5. In case of vacancy in the Presidency, the Vice President for National Affairs shall succeed. If the Vice President for National Affairs is not available, the Vice President for International Affairs shall succeed. In case of any vacancies in the Vice Presedencies, Secretary, Treasurer, Auditor, Public Relations Officer, the Board shall fill the same by election from among the Directors, and in case of a vacancy in a directorship, the Board shall appoint a Member to fill the the unexpired term.
6. The Board of Directors shall meet monthly at such time and place as the Board may determine, one week advance notice shall be given to all Directors. A majority of the Member of the Board present shall constitute a quorum.



The following may apply for membership in the association:

1. For Institutional Members:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    a.) Any national, metropolitan or regional organization, be it government-owned or government-assisted corporation engaged in the development of the water supply industry.
  b.) Any scientific, technical or consulting organization engaged in water supply studies, design & other related disciplines.
  c.) Any government or private institusion, college and/or university offering courses on water supply engineering related disciplines.
  d.) Any establishment engaged in the manufacture or supply  of goods for the water supply industry.
  e.) Contractors involved in the supply of services or engaged in the construction of water supply projects.
  f.) Membership fee of 2,400.00 which entitle an institution to a meximum of ten (10) individual qualified members, Annual fees is 3,500.00.

2. For Individual Members:
  a.) Any registered engineer who practice as a partner of an engineering firm or an officer of a coorperative engaged in water supply engineering, whether government or private.
  b.) Membership fee is 300.00 and annual fee is P600.00



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