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As the Philippines pursued its plans for economic growth and national development during the past decade, national government instituted a policy of “one industry – one voice” for firms and agencies engaged in the same line of endeavor. This move was made for the purpose of standardizing and improving product and service quality through the maximization of intra-industry cooperation, minimization of unfair and unethical competitive practices and coordinating government-private sector moves towards common objectives.

Several industrial and commercial lines moved in accordance with this policy, organizing themselves into industry umbrella organizations which would give them unity and commonality in dealing with other sectors.

Although the Philippine water industry had registered a fast rate of growth during the 1970s, the firms and agencies involved in the field of water supply and technology were not that swift in responding to the new “one industry-one voice” policy.

This was glaringly proven during the first Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Water Supply Conference in Bangkok, Thailand in early 1978. The three Filipino delegates to the conference, the late Mr. Oscar Ilustre, Mr. Lamberto Un. Ocampo and Mr. Romualdas Vildzius were eminent figures with a wild scope of experience and know-how in the water supply line, but they could not speak for the industry as a whole. Thus, upon their return, they did not hesitate to call for the creation of an umbrella organization for the various entities in the entire water industry.

The prime mover behind this effort was the late Mr. Filemon Zablan, then chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Metropolitan Waterworks & Sewerage System (MWSS), who immediately set about drafting a constitution for the proposed integrated national organization. However, Mr. Zablan did not live long enough to see his initial moves concretized.

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